Key Features
  • Contains 6 Replacement Carbon Filters and 1 reusable Filter Housing
  • Carbon block technology reduces chlorine, taste, and odors from municipal tap water and filters water as you drink – no need to prep ahead of time
  • Reusable BPA-Free filter housing is easy to replace, and minimizes single-use plastic
  • Low-profile filter shape cleverly nests within a collapsed HYDAWAY bottle
  • Filters are compatible with HYDAWAY 2.0 Spout Lids (17oz & 25oz) only 
Use and Care
  • Replace carbon block every three months or as needed to maintain fresh water
  • Do not place filters in dishwasher or use soap; rinse with clean tap water only.
  • HYDAWAY Carbon Filters remove only taste and odor from water but DO NOT remove bacteria, viruses, or heavy metals. FILTER ONLY TRUSTED, POTABLE WATER SOURCES

Weight: 0.4 oz
Diameter: 1.6"